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red blood cell molecular composition measurement (CMO:0003614)
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erythrocyte sedimentation rate 
hematocrit +  
mean corpuscular volume 
red blood cell count +  
red blood cell distribution width- standard deviation 
red blood cell distribution width-coefficient of variation 
red blood cell molecular composition measurement +  
Any quantitation of the molecules, atoms and/or ions which constitute the chemical make-up of a red blood cell (erythrocyte) or of all of the red blood cells in a sample of blood. Red blood cells are the hemoglobin-containing blood cells that transport oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the tissues.
total reticulocyte count +  

Exact Synonyms: erythrocyte molecular composition measurement
Xrefs: PMID:23799078
Definition Sources:, ISBN-13:978-1416062578

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