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parasitic infection population measurement (CMO:0003585)
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bacterial infection population measurement +  
disease incidence/prevalence measurement +   
dose of whole thorax lung irradiation that causes 50% of the total study population to have lung dysfunction 
parasitic infection population measurement +  
Any measurement of the degree to which infection by or the presence of a parasite has caused pain or damage, or of the degree to which a parasite has established lesions or infectious colonies, and/or taken over or interfered with the normal functioning of the body as a whole, or of one or more organs, tissues, cells or subcellular mechanisms of an organism. An infection is invasion and multiplication of invasive organisms (e.g., bacteria, viruses, or parasites) in body tissues, especially that causing local cellular injury due to competitive metabolism, toxins, intracellular replication, or antigen-antibody response. A parasite is an organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host and possibly causing damage to that host.

Definition Sources:, ISBN-13:978-1416062578

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