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CD4+CD25+ splenocyte count (CMO:0003531)
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calculated spleen mononuclear cell count +  
CD11b/c+ splenocyte count 
CD3+ splenocyte count 
CD4+CD25+ splenocyte count 
The number of splenocytes expressing both CD4 and CD25 molecules on their surface in a specified sample of spleen tissue. The CD4 molecule acts as a coreceptor with the T-cell receptor on the T lymphocyte to recognize antigens displayed by an antigen presenting cell in the context of class II MHC molecules. The CD25 molecule (IL2RA) is normally an integral-membrane protein, but soluble IL2RA has been isolated and determined to result from extracellular proteolysis.
CD4+CD25- splenocyte count 
CD4-CD25+ splenocyte count 
CD45RA+ splenocyte count 
IFNG-secreting splenocyte count  

Definition Sources: RGD:735285, RGD:735603

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