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red blood cell distribution width- standard deviation (CMO:0003232)
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erythrocyte sedimentation rate  
hematocrit +   
mean corpuscular volume  
red blood cell count +   
red blood cell distribution width- standard deviation  
Red blood cell distribution width- standard deviation (RDW-SD) is a measurement derived from the red blood cell distribution curves generated on automated hematology analyzers and is an indicator of variation in RBC size within a blood sample. The RDW is used along with the indices (MCV, MCH, MCHC) to describe a population of RBCs. The RDW measures the deviation of the RBC width, not the actual width or size of individual cells. The RDW-SD is an actual measurement of the width of the red cell distribution curve in femtoliters (fL). The width of the distribution curve is measured at the point that is 20% above the baseline. Since the RDW-SD is an actual measurement, it is not influenced by the MCV and more accurately reflects the red cell size variance.
red blood cell distribution width-coefficient of variation  
red blood cell molecular composition measurement +   
total reticulocyte count +   

Exact Synonyms: RDW-SD
Broad Synonyms: Red cell distribution width ;   red blood cell distribution width
Xrefs: EFO:0005192 ;   EFO:0009188
Definition Sources: "LabCE" "LabCE"

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