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blood acute phase protein measurement +   
blood albumin level +  
blood alpha-fetoprotein level +  
blood beta-2 microglobulin +  
blood calbindin level +  
blood cartilage oligomeric matrix protein level +  
blood ceruloplasmin level +  
blood clusterin level +  
blood complement C3a des Arg level +  
blood cystatin level +  
blood cytokine measurement +   
blood enzyme measurement +   
blood fibrinogen level 
blood free fatty acids level +   
blood galanin level +  
blood globulin measurement +   
blood KIM-1/TIM-1/HAVCR1 +  
blood lipocalin 2 level +  
blood lipoprotein measurement +   
A value resulting from the quantification of a morphological or physiological parameter of a blood-derived lipoprotein, any of a class of complex molecules found in blood that consist of a protein membrane surrounding a core of lipids.
blood myoglobin level 
blood osteopontin level +  
blood peptide hormone level +   
blood phospholipid level +   
blood plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 level +  
blood sterol level +   
blood tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 level +  
blood triglyceride level +   
blood troponin level +  
blood type I collagen C-terminal telopeptide level +  
blood vascular endothelial growth factor A level +  
hemoglobin measurement +  
plasma lipid level +   
plasma total protein level +  
serum lipid level +   
serum total protein level  

Broad Synonyms: lipoprotein measurement
Xrefs: EFO:0004732
Definition Sources: American_Heritage:The_American_Heritage_Dictionary_of_the_English_Language--4th_Ed, Gale:Gale_Encyclopedia_of_Medicine_2008

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