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quantitative insulin sensitivity check index (CMO:0002171)
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absolute change in serum insulin level  
blood glucose level area under curve (AUC) +   
calculated plasma glucose level +  
calculated serum glucose level +  
glucose disappearance constant 
Homeostatic Model Assessment of Beta cell function 
Homeostatic Model Assessment of Insulin Resistance 
plasma insulin level to plasma glucose level ratio 
quantitative insulin sensitivity check index 
A calculated measurement to estimate the effect of insulin on net glucose disposal (insulin sensitivity) in an organism, calculated as 1/(log[fasting plasma insulin in uU/mL] + log[fasting blood glucose in mg/dL]), i.e., the inverse of the logarithm of the product of fasting plasma insulin level and fasting blood glucose level. The insulin and glucose levels may also be measured in any combination of blood, plasma, and serum.
serum insulin level times blood glucose level  
serum insulin level to serum glucose level ratio 
whole body insulin sensitivity index 

Related Synonyms: QUICKI
Definition Sources: PMID:10902785

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