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bone marrow measurement +  
brain measurement +   
ear measurement +  
eye measurement +  
female reproductive organ measurement +   
heart measurement +   
immune cell measurement +   
immunoglobulin measurement +   
intestine measurement +  
kidney measurement +   
liver measurement +   
lung measurement +  
lymph node measurement +  
lymphatic system measurement +  
organ effluent measurement +  
organ lesion measurement +   
organ morphological measurement +   
pancreas measurement +   
pituitary gland measurement +   
spleen measurement +   
stomach measurement +   
thymus measurement +   
The quantification of any morphological or physiological parameter of the thymus, the lymphoid organ which is the site of the proliferation, differentiation and maturation of T lymphocytes, and of the production of hormones such as thymopoietin and thymosin which control these processes.
thyroid gland measurement +  
tongue measurement +   
urinary bladder measurement +  

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