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tibia-fibula cortical bone total cross-sectional area (CMO:0001721)
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tibia-fibula cortical bone endosteal cross-sectional area  
tibia-fibula cortical bone total cross-sectional area  
Measurement of the entire cross-sectional area of the tibia-fibula cortical bone, that is, the extent of a plane perpendicular to the longest axis of the tibia-fibula cortical bone and bounded by the periosteum, the thick fibrous membrane covering the entire surface of a bone except its articular cartilage and serving as an attachment for muscles and tendons. The tibia-fibula is the portion of the two bones (tibia, the medial and larger bone, and fibula, the lateral and smaller bone) of the lower leg of bipeds or hindlimb of quadrupeds which are fused to form a single bone, e.g. the distal third of the rodent tibia and fibula. Cortical or compact bone is the relatively solid type of bone tissue found in the middle of long bones which is a hierarchical composite material consisting of a ollagen-hydroxyapatite composite at the lowest level forming a complex network of cylindrical units of laminated bone at the highest level.

Exact Synonyms: tibia/fibula cortical bone total cross-sectional area
Broad Synonyms: cortical surface area measurement
Related Synonyms: tibia-fibula cortical bone periosteal cross-sectional area ;   tibio-fibular complex cortical bone total cross-sectional area ;   tibiofibular fusion cortical bone total cross-sectional area
Xrefs: EFO:0010736
Definition Sources: American_Heritage:The_American_Heritage_Science_Dictionary_2005, "Website" "Website", PMID:20699128, PMID:857566

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