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calculated kidney glomerulosclerotic lesion measurement (CMO:0001134)
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calculated kidney fibrotic lesion area measurement +  
calculated kidney glomerulosclerotic lesion measurement +   
A measurement of lesions resulting from fibrosis, scarring or hyaline deposits within one or more kidney glomeruli which has been normalized, adjusted or derived by a mathematical process or computation.
kidney glomerulosclerotic lesion count +   
kidney glomerulosclerotic lesion diameter +  
percentage of study population developing renal vascular pathology during a period of time 
ratio of number of glomeruli with microaneurysms to number of total glomeruli 
ratio of the area occupied by cysts to the total area of the kidney 
ratio of the area occupied by protein casts to the total area of the kidney outer medulla outer stripe and cortex 

Related Synonyms: calculated kidney glomerulosclerosis measurement ;   calculated renal glomerulosclerosis measurement ;   calculated renal glomerulosclerotic lesion measurement
Definition Sources: American_Heritage:The_American_Heritage_Medical_Dictionary_2007, Merriam-Webster:Merriam-Websters_Online_Dictionary--11th_Ed

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