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blood alkaline phosphatase activity level +   
blood amino acid measurement +   
blood aspartate aminotransferase activity level +   
blood bicarbonate level +  
blood bilirubin level +   
blood electrolyte measurement +   
blood ethanol level +   
blood fructosamine level +   
blood glucose level +   
blood glutathione level +  
blood glycerol level +   
blood hormone level +   
Measurement of the amount in blood of any complex chemical substance produced in one part or organ of the body that initiates or regulates the activity of an organ or a group of cells in another part of the body.
blood lactate level +   
blood lipid measurement +   
blood malondialdehyde level +  
blood metabolite measurement +   
blood mineral measurement +   
blood protein measurement +   
blood pyruvate level +   
blood reactive oxygen metabolite level +  
blood steroid level +   
blood urea level +   
blood urea nitrogen level +   
blood uric acid level +   
blood vitamin level +   
blood xenobiotic measurement +  
glomerular filtration rate +   
plasma osmolality  

Broad Synonyms: hormone measurement
Xrefs: EFO:0004730
Definition Sources: Mosby:Mosbys_Medical_Dictionary--8th_Ed

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