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blood pressure time series calculated parameter +   
calculated left ventricular blood pressure +  
change in calculated blood pressure +   
change in diastolic blood pressure +  
change in systolic blood pressure +   
Calculated measurement of a difference in the maximum arterial blood pressure, that is the pressure at the point of maximal contraction of the heart, between two points in time or two conditions.
coronary perfusion pressure 
developed blood pressure +  
diastolic blood pressure variability 
left ventricular systolic blood pressure +  
mean arterial blood pressure +   
pulmonary arterial systolic blood pressure 
pulse pressure +   
right ventricular systolic blood pressure +  
systolic blood pressure variability 

Exact Synonyms: systolic blood pressure change measurement
Xrefs: EFO:0006944
Definition Sources: Mosby:Mosbys_Dental_Dictionary--2nd_Ed, RGD:MS

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