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blood activated T lymphocyte count 
blood CD25 cell count +  
blood CD4 cell count +  
blood CD8 cell count +   
blood natural killer T cell count 
blood R73 cell count +  
blood regulatory T cell count +  
Measurement of the number of T lymphocytes (T cell) whose function is control or suppression of the T cell mediated immune response. Regulatory T cells are generally distinguished from other classes of lymphocytes on the basis of the presence and/or absence of a number of specific cell surface marker proteins.
blood RT6.1 cell count +  
blood RT6.2 cell count 
blood T lymphocyte count to total leukocyte count ratio 
blood T lymphocyte count to total lymphocyte count ratio +  

Related Synonyms: Treg count
Definition Sources: PMID:22224762

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