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glomerular filtration rate (CMO:0000490)
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blood alkaline phosphatase activity level +  
blood amino acid measurement +  
blood aspartate aminotransferase activity level +  
blood bicarbonate level +  
blood bilirubin level +  
blood electrolyte measurement +  
blood ethanol level +   
blood fructosamine level +  
blood glucose level +   
blood glutathione level +  
blood glycerol level +  
blood hormone level +   
blood lactate level +  
blood lipid measurement +   
blood malondialdehyde level +  
blood metabolite measurement +   
blood mineral measurement +  
blood protein measurement +   
blood pyruvate level +  
blood reactive oxygen metabolite level +  
blood steroid level +   
blood urea level +  
blood urea nitrogen level +   
blood uric acid level +   
blood vitamin level +  
blood xenobiotic measurement +  
Darcy permeability 
free water clearance level to body weight ratio 
free water reabsorption level to body weight ratio 
glomerular filtration rate +  
Glomerular filtration rate describes the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidney. It is calculated by comparative measurements of substances (ex. creatinine or inulin) in the blood and urine over a designated period of time.
glomerular sieving coefficient for albumin 
plasma osmolality 
proximal tubule albumin uptake to tubule area ratio 
renal vascular resistance +   

Narrow Synonyms: Calculated GFR ;   cGFR ;   eGFR ;   estimated glomerular filtration rate
Definition Sources: "Wikipedia" "Wikipedia"

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