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airway reactivity measurement +  
end-tidal partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PETCO2) 
forced expiratory volume  
forced expiratory volume to forced vital capacity ratio  
forced vital capacity (FVC) 
lung measurement +   
maximal carbon dioxide production (VCO2) 
maximum inspiratory flow (PIF) 
maximum mid-expiratory flow (MMEF)  
Maximal rate of air flow through the pulmonary tree during forced expiration.
nose measurement +   
oxygen consumption +   
trachea morphological measurement +  
ventilation measurement +   

Exact Synonyms: maximal midexpiratory flow rate
Related Synonyms: PEF ;   peak expiratory flow
Xrefs: EFO:0004313 ;   EFO:0009718
Definition Sources: ISBN:978-0323057479, Mosby:Mosbys_Manual_of_Diagnostic_and_Laboratory_Tests--4th_Ed

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