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body mass index (BMI) +   
A measurement relating body weight to height in an organism; typically calculated as the weight of an individual divided by the height of that individual squared. For quadrupeds, the square of body height is often replaced by the square of body length.
body weight growth curve measurement +  
body weight to body length (nose to rump) ratio 
body weight to body length (nose to tail) ratio 
body weight to tibia length ratio 
calculated body weight estimate +  
change in body weight +   
cubic root of body weight to nasoanal length ratio 
total body fat-free mass +  
total body lean mass to total body mass ratio 

Exact Synonyms: body mass index
Narrow Synonyms: height-adjusted body mass index ;   longitudinal BMI measurement ;   overweight body mass index status ;   underweight body mass index status
Related Synonyms: BMI ;   obese body mass index status
Xrefs: EFO:0004340 ;   EFO:0005851 ;   EFO:0005935 ;   EFO:0005936 ;   EFO:0005937 ;   EFO:0007041
Definition Sources: "MedicineNet" "MedicineNet"

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