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blood measurement +     
cell measurement +     
adipocyte measurement +   
apoptotic cell measurement +  
blood chemistry measurement +   
blood coagulation measurement +  
blood gas measurement +  
blood pH +  
blood viscoelasticity 
blood viscosity measurement +  
blood volume measurement +  
bronchial epithelial cell count 
cell composition measurement +  
cell ion flux +  
cell membrane potential +  
complete blood count and differential +   
Value resulting from the quantification of the cellular elements of the blood, including morphological parameters of blood cells, i.e. cells native to the circulation, including those of erythroid, lymphoid, myeloid and monocytic lineages. The CBC/differential indicates the differential counts of white blood cells, counts of red blood cells and platelets, the concentration of hemoglobin, and the hematocrit.
hepatocyte count 
immune cell measurement +   
mononuclear cell measurement +   
muscle fiber measurement +  
nervous system cell measurement +   
oocyte count 
osteoblast cell count 
osteoclast cell count 
osteoclast surface area to total bone area ratio 
pancreatic beta cell count 
pituicyte measurement +  
platelet measurement +   
Purkinje cell count 
red blood cell measurement +  
retina cell count +  
Schwann cell count 
sperm count +  
vascular endothelial cell measurement 
white blood cell measurement +   

Exact Synonyms: CBC blood test ;   CBC, differential ;   CMO:0000364
Related Synonyms: CBC
Definition Sources: "Multiple_Dictionaries" "Multiple_Dictionaries", ISBN:978-0323057479, Mosby:Mosbys_Manual_of_Diagnostic_and_Laboratory_Tests--4th_Ed

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