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calculated differential white blood cell count (CMO:0000024)
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blood granulocyte count +   
blood mononuclear cell count +   
blood non-specified leukocyte count 
calculated differential white blood cell count +  
A measurement which has been normalized, adjusted or derived by a mathematical process or computation, of one or more of the various, specific types of leukocytes present in a sample of blood for which a total white blood cell count was taken, usually 1 cubic mm of peripheral venous blood.
net potassium efflux to blood lymphocyte dry weight ratio per unit time 
net sodium influx to blood lymphocyte dry weight ratio per unit time 

Related Synonyms: calculated blood differential WBC count ;   calculated blood differential leukocyte count
Definition Sources: ISBN:978-0323057479, Merriam-Webster:Merriam-Websters_Online_Dictionary--11th_Ed, Mosby:Mosbys_Manual_of_Diagnostic_and_Laboratory_Tests--4th_Ed

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