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blood pressure time series calculated parameter +   
calculated left ventricular blood pressure +  
change in calculated blood pressure +   
change in diastolic blood pressure +  
change in systolic blood pressure +   
coronary perfusion pressure 
developed blood pressure +  
diastolic blood pressure variability 
mean arterial blood pressure +   
The average blood pressure within an artery over a specified period of time. It is often calculated using the formula of one third systolic pressure plus two thirds diastolic pressure, or alternatively, using the formula diastolic pressure plus 1/3 of the difference between systolic pressure and diastolic pressure (i.e. 1/3 pulse pressure).
pulse pressure +   
systolic blood pressure variability 

Exact Synonyms: mean arterial pressure
Xrefs: EFO:0006340
Definition Sources: Berne_and_Levy:Berne_and_Levy_Physiology--6th_Ed, ISBN:978-0323073622

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