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The Vertebrate Trait Ontology (VT) is being developed as a collaborative effort between the Rat Genome Database at the Medical College of Wisconsin (RGD,, Mouse Genome Informatics at the Jackson Laboratory ( and the Animal QTL database at Iowa State University ( For more information about this vocabulary, or to request additions or changes, please contact us (

Term:organ system trait
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Accession:VT:0015074 term browser browse the term
Definition:Any measurable or observable characteristic of an anatomical group that has as its parts distinct anatomical structures interconnected by anatomical structures at a lower level of granularity.
Synonyms:xref: CARO:0000011;   TAO:0001439

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coat/hair pigmentation trait term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G ASIP agouti signaling protein ISO Coat colour, saddle tan vs black-and-tan
Coat colour, agouti
OMIA PMID:8202545 PMID:12692166 PMID:15520882 PMID:15965787 PMID:17630272 More... NCBI chr17:37,542,615...37,718,787
Ensembl chr17:37,545,474...37,718,779
JBrowse link
G LOC404703 prepro-beta-defensin 3 ISO Coat colour, dominant black OMIA PMID:12692166 PMID:15649147 PMID:17483404 PMID:17947548 PMID:19197024 More... NCBI chr15:37,960,248...38,065,632
Ensembl chr15:37,957,488...38,066,223
JBrowse link
G MC1R melanocortin 1 receptor ISO Coat colour, melanistic mask OMIA PMID:12692165 PMID:21353269 PMID:29932470 PMID:33672409 PMID:34751460 More... NCBI chr 6:181,225...182,187
Ensembl chr 6:181,225...182,187
JBrowse link
G PMEL premelanosome protein ISO Coat colour, merle OMIA PMID:330141 PMID:340189 PMID:418699 PMID:3099512 PMID:3998446 More... NCBI chr 5:21,355,611...21,365,609
Ensembl chr 5:21,355,619...21,364,987
JBrowse link
G PSMB7 proteasome 20S subunit beta 7 ISO Coat colour, harlequin OMIA PMID:3270445 PMID:3998446 PMID:18513894 PMID:21256207 PMID:31658272 More... NCBI chr 1:265,172,257...265,235,389
Ensembl chr 1:265,172,237...265,235,387
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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  vertebrate trait 5
    organ system trait 5
      alimentary system trait + 0
      circulatory system trait + 0
      connective tissue trait + 0
      endocrine/exocrine system trait + 0
      hemolymphoid system trait + 0
      immune system trait + 0
      integumentary system trait + 5
      muscular system trait + 0
      nervous/sensory system trait + 0
      reproductive system trait + 0
      respiratory system trait + 0
      urinary system trait + 0
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