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The Vertebrate Trait Ontology (VT) is being developed as a collaborative effort between the Rat Genome Database at the Medical College of Wisconsin (RGD,, Mouse Genome Informatics at the Jackson Laboratory ( and the Animal QTL database at Iowa State University ( For more information about this vocabulary, or to request additions or changes, please contact us (

Term:response to xenobiotic stimulus trait
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Accession:VT:0010487 term browser browse the term
Definition:Any measurable or observable characteristic related to the capacity of an organism to change, adjust, or alter its morphology, physiology, or behavior as a result of exposure to a foreign compound.

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response to alcohol trait term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
Q Alcrsp1 Alcohol response QTL 1 IDA RGD PMID:15608595 RGD:1334439 NCBI chr 1:100,979,852...145,979,852 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp12 Alcohol response QTL 12 IDA RGD PMID:15608595 RGD:1334439 NCBI chr 9:27,468,639...72,468,639 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp13 Alcohol response QTL 13 IDA RGD PMID:15608595 RGD:1334439 NCBI chr 9:1...43,718,459 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp14 Alcohol response QTL 14 IDA RGD PMID:15608595 RGD:1334439 NCBI chr15:1...42,356,671 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp17 Alcohol response QTL 17 IDA RGD PMID:15608595 RGD:1334439 NCBI chr 2:149,559,561...249,053,267 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp18 Alcohol response QTL 18 IDA RGD PMID:15608595 RGD:1334439 NCBI chr 5:35,189,153...141,643,988 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp19 Alcohol response QTL 19 IDA RGD PMID:19500156 RGD:2317807 NCBI chr 1:100,979,852...145,979,852 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp2 Alcohol response QTL 2 IDA RGD PMID:15608595 RGD:1334439 NCBI chr 2:149,559,561...221,167,075 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp20 Alcohol response QTL 20 IDA RGD PMID:19500156 RGD:2317807
Q Alcrsp21 Alcohol response QTL 21 IDA RGD PMID:19500156 RGD:2317807 NCBI chr19:3,204,777...48,204,777 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp22 Alcohol response QTL 22 IDA RGD PMID:19500156 RGD:2317807 NCBI chr20:1...27,339,237 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp23 Alcohol response QTL 23 IDA RGD PMID:19500156 RGD:2317807
Q Alcrsp24 Alcohol response QTL 24 IDA RGD PMID:19500156 RGD:2317807 NCBI chr 8:1...25,902,202 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp25 Alcohol response QTL 25 IDA RGD PMID:19500156 RGD:2317807 NCBI chr20:17,697,550...54,435,887 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp26 Alcohol response QTL 26 IDA RGD PMID:19500156 RGD:2317807 NCBI chr 3:145,526,770...169,034,231 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp27 Alcohol response QTL 27 IDA RGD PMID:19500156 RGD:2317807 NCBI chr14:56,631,369...101,631,369 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp28 Alcohol response QTL 28 IDA RGD PMID:19500156 RGD:2317807 NCBI chr 2:212,828,222...249,053,267 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp3 Alcohol response QTL 3 IDA RGD PMID:15608595 RGD:1334439 NCBI chr 5:12,689,285...57,689,285 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp4 Alcohol response QTL 4 IDA RGD PMID:15608595 RGD:1334439 NCBI chr 6:67,262,953...112,262,953 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp5 Alcohol response QTL 5 IDA RGD PMID:15608595 RGD:1334439 NCBI chr12:12,812,385...46,669,029 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp6 Alcohol response QTL 6 IDA RGD PMID:15608595 RGD:1334439 NCBI chr13:52,362,171...97,362,171 JBrowse link
Q Alcrsp7 Alcohol response QTL 7 IDA RGD PMID:15608595 RGD:1334439 NCBI chr20:1...27,339,237 JBrowse link

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Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  vertebrate trait 2384
    organism trait 936
      response to xenobiotic stimulus trait 22
        response to addictive substance trait + 22
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