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Accession:RS:0000116 term browser browse the term
Synonyms:related_synonym: BN/Cub-lx;   MDC-01-26;   RGD ID: 61117

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BN-Lx/Cub term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
Q Anxrr10 Anxiety related response QTL 10 IEA RGD PMID:14739700 RGD:737695 NCBI chr 3:38,517,803...83,517,803 JBrowse link
Q Anxrr11 Anxiety related response QTL 11 IEA RGD PMID:14739700 RGD:737695 NCBI chr18:30,039,813...75,039,813 JBrowse link
Q Anxrr3 Anxiety related response QTL 3 IEA RGD PMID:14739700 RGD:737695 NCBI chr 2:9,023,519...54,023,519 JBrowse link
Q Anxrr4 Anxiety related response QTL 4 IEA RGD PMID:14739700 RGD:737695 NCBI chr 5:130,130,159...166,875,058 JBrowse link
Q Anxrr5 Anxiety related response QTL 5 IEA RGD PMID:14739700 RGD:737695 NCBI chr 6:84,130,881...129,130,881 JBrowse link
Q Anxrr6 Anxiety related response QTL 6 IEA RGD PMID:14739700 RGD:737695 NCBI chr 7:15,573,889...60,573,889 JBrowse link
Q Anxrr7 Anxiety related response QTL 7 IEA RGD PMID:14739700 RGD:737695 NCBI chr 2:118,189,491...163,189,491 JBrowse link
Q Anxrr8 Anxiety related response QTL 8 IEA RGD PMID:14739700 RGD:737695 NCBI chr 7:46,590,070...91,590,070 JBrowse link
Q Anxrr9 Anxiety related response QTL 9 IEA RGD PMID:14739700 RGD:737695 NCBI chr 8:93,535,351...123,900,184 JBrowse link
Q Btemp1 Thermal response to stress QTL 1 IEA RGD PMID:10679499 RGD:61094 NCBI chr10:35,392,457...63,642,539 JBrowse link
Q Btemp2 Thermal response to stress QTL 2 IEA RGD PMID:10679499 RGD:61094 NCBI chr12:15,025,183...20,794,014 JBrowse link
Q Coreg1 Compensatory renal growth QTL 1 IEA RGD PMID:10732705 RGD:69708 NCBI chr 6:35,691,618...57,730,540 JBrowse link
Q Coreg2 Compensatory renal growth QTL 2 IEA RGD PMID:10864582 RGD:61071 NCBI chr 4:148,423,102...157,580,971 JBrowse link
Q Inf1 Infertility severity QTL 1 IEA RGD PMID:10615258 RGD:631224 NCBI chr 8:22,662,330...67,662,330 JBrowse link
Q Plsm1 Polydactyly-luxate syndrome (PLS) morphotypes QTL 1 IEA RGD PMID:8997636 RGD:632346 NCBI chr 4:1...27,716,890 JBrowse link
Q Plsm2 Polydactyly-luxate syndrome (PLS) morphotypes QTL 2 IEA RGD PMID:8997636 RGD:632346 NCBI chr 4:132,422,778...177,422,778 JBrowse link
Q Plsm3 Polydactyly-luxate syndrome (PLS) morphotypes QTL 3 IEA RGD PMID:8997636 RGD:632346 NCBI chr 7:1...34,000,259 JBrowse link
Q Plsm4 Polydactyly-luxate syndrome (PLS) morphotypes QTL 4 IEA RGD PMID:8997636 RGD:632346 NCBI chr11:54,457,534...86,241,447 JBrowse link

Related Phenotype Data for Term "BN-Lx/Cub" (RS:0000116)

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Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  rat strain 6661
    mutant strain 1393
      BN mutants 47
        BN-Lx mutants 25
          BN-Lx 25
            BN-Lx/Cub 21
              BN-Lx/CubMcwi 1
              BN-Lx/CubPrin 1
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