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Term:brain lesion
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Accession:MP:0021002 term browser browse the term
Definition:focal pathological changes characterized by alteration in the size, shape and organization of the cellular components of the brain tissue
Synonyms:narrow_synonym: cerebral lesion

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brain vacuoles term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Aspa aspartoacylase IMP RGD PMID:27026062 RGD:13464274 NCBI chr10:57,891,704...57,945,267
Ensembl chr10:57,892,104...57,945,272
JBrowse link
G Aspaem34Kyo aspartoacylase;TALEN induced mutant 34,Kyo IMP RGD PMID:27026062 RGD:13464274
G Atrn attractin IAGP DNA:deletion RGD PMID:11209055 PMID:12379762 RGD:67998, RGD:1299186 NCBI chr 3:118,110,320...118,244,326
Ensembl chr 3:118,110,229...118,244,322
JBrowse link
G Atrnmv attractin; myelin vacuolation mutant IAGP RGD PMID:12379762 RGD:1299186
G Dop1a DOP1 leucine zipper like protein A IAGP RGD PMID:24863653 RGD:40818080 NCBI chr 8:87,415,266...87,517,935
Ensembl chr 8:87,414,593...87,518,353
JBrowse link
G Wwox WW domain-containing oxidoreductase IAGP DNA:deletion:cds:exon 9, 13bp nucleotides 1190-1202
compared to wild type and heterozygotes
RGD PMID:19500159 PMID:17803050 RGD:150429979, RGD:150429978 NCBI chr19:42,432,141...43,360,278
Ensembl chr19:42,432,152...43,359,391
JBrowse link
G Wwoxlde WW domain-containing oxidoreductase; lde mutant IAGP compared to wild type and heterozygotes RGD PMID:17803050 PMID:19500159 RGD:150429978, RGD:150429979

Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  mammalian phenotype 5402
    nervous system phenotype 368
      abnormal nervous system morphology 215
        abnormal brain morphology 139
          brain lesion 16
            amygdala microinfarct 0
            brain vacuoles 13
            cerebral infarct + 0
            neurofibrillary tangles 2
            tau protein deposits 3
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