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Strain Submission

Strain Information
  * Please enter a symbol for the strain being submitted, for example: BN/Crl, or SHR.BN-(D13Arb5-Ren)/Ipcv. For more information, please refer to the rules for strain nomenclature and the rules for naming endonuclease-mediated mutants for strains produced using CRISPR/Cas, TALEN or ZFN mutagenesis. For help naming your strain please contact
If you selected "other" as the method above, please specify the method you used here.
Example:"The CRISPR/Cas9 system was used to introduce a 5-bp deletion in exon 3 of the Spp1 gene of SHRSP/A3NCrl rat embryos.
If this strain has been mentioned in any published paper please give that citation here. ( author, journal, vol, page number, or PMID).
Optional. If this strain has been or could be used for research in a particular area, please indicate this. For example, this could be a disease area such as cardiovascular or cancer, or a phenotype category such as reproduction.
This is the laboratory code assigned by The Institute of Laboratory and Animal Research to each lab or group. Registering a group at ILAR identifies the group as a place where this strain was originated and maintained.
Upload image of size less than 5MB. Acceptable file formats: .PNG, .JPEG, .GIF
Gene/Allele Information
Submitter Contact Details
Additional Information about the STRAIN or ALLELE or GENE or any information you want to provide.
Please let us know if you want this strain to be displayed on the RGD website. If not, check Non Public (we can hold a strain until instructed by you to release it).

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